下面是2007年Borland工程师在回答用户关心问题时的讨论帖,帖中明确表明了SilkTest没有计划去支持众多第三方非标准控件。帖子也提到了用户可以通过class mapping和extension kit等方法来处理custom object。原文位于:


In regard to your request – “Support for .NET framework 2.0 objects like DataGrids etc as well as other 3rd party tools like Stingray which is used quite often”

1. Support for .NET framework 2.0 objects like DataGrids etc – This is a common request and your details have been added to the current RFE.

2. As for 3rd Party tools such as Stingray – We offer no out-of-the-box support for any third party controls. However, that doesn’t say SilkTest can’t successfully work with them. A number of alternative options are available for objects recorded by SilkTest as CustomWins such as;

— Class mapping – which allows a customwin object to be mapped to an existing SilkTest recognised class, allowing access to the methods and properties belonging to the mapped class.
— Record Class – through the use of a loaded extension can be used to return native Public methods and properties of an object – see
— Low level Events – which include TypeKeys, coordinate clicks etc..

Also worth a look are features such as Defined Window and Bitmap Verification.

All of the features above are well documented in the SilkTest Help files.




这个帖子内容很老了,现在新的Silktest使用open Agent,已经可以识别绝大部分GUI控件了。

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