Monitor name :UNIX Resources. Internal rpc error (error code:2). Machine: Hint: Check that RPC on this machine is up and running. Check that rstat daemon on this machine is up and running (use rpcinfo utility for this verification). Details: RPC: RPC call failed.
RPC-TCP: recv()/recvfrom() failed.
RPC-TCP: Timeout reached. (entry point: Factory::CollectData). [MsgId: MMSG-47197]



  • 安装rpc服务 yum install rusers-server
  • 启动服务 /etc/init.d/rstatd start
  • rpcinfo -p 查看是否有几个rstatd服务已经启动
  • /etc/init.d/iptables stop 关闭防火墙(重要)
  • 回到controller中,将system resource graphs中的Unix Resources拖到右侧监控区域。
  • 右键,Add Measurements。
  • 添加被监控的Linux IP地址后,再选监控指标即可。